It's called 100x, what else do you need to know?

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Getting Started

Trade pre-launch futures, perps and Move. In one DEX.

Step One

Connect your wallet

Use any EVM compatible wallet to connect to the frontend.

Step Two


Deposit USDB, ETH or WBTC into your margin account.

Step Three

Start Trading

Pick an pair from our wide range of your favourite assets and trade using our intuitive UI.

What is 100x

100x is a blazing-fast perp DEX built for BLAST

Earn while trading with Blast-native yield + Blast points + █████

BLAST L2 enables automatic yield generation on USD and ETH. Users can deposit into 100x and consistently earn money effortlessly, enhanced by BLAST points, 100xP and █████. These exceptional incentives are why the exchange is named 100x.

Orderbook DEX for lightning fast execution and deep liquidity

The 100x exchange is architected as a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) and built with speed in mind this enables a CEX-like experience (without the custody) for traders, ensuring deep liquidity and blazing-fast execution.

Cross-margined and settled-on chain for best-in-class capital efficiency

Benefit from best-in-class capital efficiency on the 100x exchange, which is self-custodial and ensures fund security. The cross-margin system optimises collateral management, maximising the utility of your funds compared to other exchanges.

Why 100x

Earn and Trade with Deep Liquidity with 100x

Pre Launch Perps
100xP + ████
Yield on Deposit
MOVE contracts
Blast Points
Low Fees
100x Ranking

See how 100X ranks against other exchanges

Low Latency
Native Yield
Blast Points + 100xP
Pre-launch Perps

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 100x ensure the security of my assets?

100x is built with security and transparency as priority. 100x is non custodial, meaning you have access and ownership of your funds by design. 100x is built on Blast - a L2 blockchain on top of Ethereum to ensure the security and transparency of 100x.

What cryptocurrencies can I trade on 100x?

At 100x, you can trade the main cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, SOL, BLUR with leverage but also pre-launch perps. You can trade BLAST or other high potential project in the Blast ecosystem before their token goes live.

What makes 100x different from other crypto trading platforms?

100x is a decentralized exchange (DEX), meaning you will have custody and ownership of your assets. On top of that 100x is built on Blast, a new Ethereum L2 that enable a native-yield and fast trading, with low fees. 100x enable trading different assets, such as pre-launch perps, in fact you can trade Blast perps with leverage even before the token goes live. You can also trade perps on different assets or MOVE contracts.

How can I get started with 100x?

You can visit 100x app and start trading, or you can also access to 100x using the API to build automated strategies

What customer support options are available on 100x?

100x is more than an Exchange. The 100x and contributors will help with your needs. Make sure you join Discord and can chat with the 100x community members.